Our Culture

Our Passion
Juice is more than a business to our organization. From our early beginnings in 1995 and our continued expansion into the marketplace, we have remained dedicated to providing high quality and great tasting juices, while educating our customers on the benefits that juice can provide to their lives. We continually strive to deliver healthy and meaningful products for every customer lifestyle. We do so with a focused effort to maintain the integrity of our passion for juice. We don’t create products to ride trends or support the latest fad. We have a genuine interest in developing products that maximize the true benefits of each ingredient, with flavor combinations that our customers love. Every product that we introduce to the market goes back to our roots as specialists in the juice category and is developed through a process that has not changed since our beginnings. We work with local growers and distributors to select the finest quality of fruits and vegetables for our smoothies and juices, providing the essential ingredients we need to deliver the best hand-crafted products. Our Juice It Up! Team members are educated and trained on the benefits of each ingredient and are certified to deliver our products into the hands of our customers. From raw material selection to delivery, juice is truly our specialty and our passion.

Our Mission
Our mission at Juice It Up! is to consistently provide the freshest and most delicious juice offerings and healthy choices to our customers, and serve as advocate of healthy lifestyles. 

Our Action
We incorporate research and knowledge into the development of our products, focusing our ingredients and blends which enhance the mind, body and spirit of our customers, regardless of their age. We offer a wide-variety of fresh and delicious products for a healthy lifestyle. From our handcrafted smoothies made with real fruit, to our raw juice blends, we are dedicated to creating a healthier world for our families and future.

We are committed to healthy choices and better lifestyles in our communities and partnerships. Juice It Up is an active sponsor of such organizations as The American Cancer Society, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, The American Heart Association, The AIDS Services Foundation and Relay for Life to name a select few. We are deeply involved within our community schools, education programs and events that allow us to distribute our products, messaging and our mission for the education of healthy choices directly into the minds of our future leaders. We truly feel that our products can help make an impact on those that suffer from disease, the growing epidemic of unhealthy lifestyles, and obesity. Studies have shown that all-natural ingredients and diets structured through natural and raw juices can tremendously enhance health. We recognize the opportunity for us to help make a change and provide options for our customers that can help keep them on a healthy track.

Our Promise
At Juice It Up! we are the ambassadors of all things juice. From our handcrafted smoothies to our newest raw juices blends and those products yet to come, our promise remains the same: Juice It Up! will always remain aligned and dedicated to creating a healthier world for our families and future. Juice is what we do. It’s what we have been doing for over 20 years and will continue to do in the future. We will remain steadfast in the development of fresh, deliciously made juice blends that provide our customers with healthy options and bountiful flavors. We will remain dedicated to the education of our products, ingredients and their associated benefits to our customers, and in turn, will do our part to help create a healthier and safer future for the world. Above all, Juice It Up! will remain a leader in the juice marketplace by staying true to our roots, and never losing sight of what our customers expect from our organization, what drives our business and what fuels our passion. Juice.

Juice It Up! Live. Life. Juiced!