catering box


Catering and Fundraising

hootenannies, roasts, mingles, bashes, block parties, pajama parties,

shindigs, cookouts, hoedowns, soirees, or clambakes,

all good excuses to live life juiced!


No matter what you’ve got on your calendar, Juice It Up! is here to help liven up the party! Fresh, raw juice blends and energizing smoothies are perfect for fundraising events, school lunch programs…and hootenannies. Most importantly, they say you refuse to be boring!

Your local store manager has everything you need and of course our full line of delicious, nutritious raw juices and smoothies can be dressed to party at a moments notice.


We’ve got colorful, state-of-the-art smoothie boxes that make picking up as many as 45 smoothies a snap. You see, we’ve taken the hassle out of transporting these crowd pleasers, so just call or fax your order to your local Juice It Up! and we’ll have your party boxes and ready to fly!


Call your local Juice It Up! for fresh raw juices and smoothies blended at our store and delivered to your door. We take care of everything so you can focus on being the queen/king of congeniality.

Local Events

Select locations can even attend your local event and create energy among the crowd by blending refreshing Juice It Up! smoothies on the spot. Contact your local Juice It Up! store owner and ask if they can attend your next sporting event, trade show, festival or concert!


Blend together a deep seated commitment and love for your community, school, organization or athletic team with outstanding quality and value and you’ve got fundraising from the folks who whip up refreshing smoothies at Juice It Up! There is a fundraising flavor for everyone…so just pick yours!

Coupon Book
  • Coupon Books
  • Fundraiser Nights at our Store
  • School Programs (smoothies sold before or after school on campus)

…we’ll donate back to your organization on every smoothie sold! You can make a ton of cash to benefit your cause with little effort on your part! Contact your local Juice It Up! to see how we can Give It Up to you!