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A Business Trending Upward - Fresh Juice Bar


pitaya sunset smoothie A juice bar is a great business to start. The market is growing, people are looking for ways to live healthier lives, and juice bars provide an extensive menu of great products that help people eat healthy. People want to snack on healthy food. Everyone is well aware of the side effects of snacking on cookies, cakes, ice cream, pies, brownies, etc. While those foods may taste good, they are just not good for one's health. Snacks like acai bowls, protein smoothies, raw juice drinks, superfood juice drinks and smoothies are great alternatives. Not only do these new snacks taste great, they are great for one's body. They can help with mental sharpness, energy, potential weight loss, better digestion, and a sense of well-being.

If you want to start a new juice bar, consider your options

The health benefits a juice bar offers you and your community are evident, but what considerations should you be looking at when opening your own fresh juice bar? Here are 4 things we have found are very important:

  1. Starting from scratch or buying an established franchise?
  2. What makes any one franchise right for you?
  3. How extensive is the training and support if you choose a franchise? Are they really there for you?
  4. How much is it really going to cost to get a juice bar off the ground and running?

Startup or a Franchise ? Juice Bar Options

Let's be honest. Starting a juice bar alone is daunting. You need a location, build out of that space, permits, fresh fruit and vegetable sourcing, industrial grade equipment, employees (unless you are going to do everything yourself), training, branding materials such as shirts, stickers, signage, cups and bowls, straws, on and on. You will also need to deal with having a website and getting your marketing program going (both online and offline). One thing that is definitely true, it will take a lot of financial resources to do it right. There are many needs that pop up when starting a juice bar from nothing.

This is one reason why it is beneficial to at least take a look at juice bar franchises. You might be surprised at the level of support, training, marketing, and startup support available to you with the right franchise.

Which Juice Bar Franchise to Choose?

There are many juice bar franchises out there. What factors make one better than another? First, of the ones you are considering, how long have they been in business? This is important because you don't want to invest in a business that has no track record. This isn?t an Internet stock, this is a solid brick and mortar business opportunity that has a very tangible presence. Longevity is a good thing here. Look at their franchise program and what they offer. Review their menu and what level of variety they offer. Are they innovative? Find out, both online and offline, what people are saying about them and their products. Ask about their future plans for expansion.

Training and Support, Very Important

The training and support are an essential part of a successful juice bar franchise. This is important not only initially, but throughout the relationship over the years. Make sure they provide you with industry leading training and support, ongoing marketing support, and access to high level management in the company. Consider what input, if any, franchise owners have in the development of new products, marketing initiatives, branding, etc.

What are the Costs to Start?

Most respectable franchises will give you a range of startup costs. These costs vary due to location and build out. Ask questions, as this will be the best way for you to get a true estimate of what it is going to cost to start your juice bar in the location you want. Again, the franchise you go with should be able to give you various scenarios for what it will take financially to make your business a reality and success.

Raw Juice Bar Industry Leader - Juice It Up!

For over 20 years Juice It Up! has been creating some of the best tasting and healthiest raw juice drinks, smoothies, acai and pitaya bowls, and healthy snacks for people across the U.S. There are over 85 franchises in operation today, with multiple opportunities for you in just about any location you'd like. Juice It Up! provides extensive training, support, marketing and advertising for franchise owners. In addition to this, you also have direct access to upper management. Juice It Up! stores become part of the communities where they are located. They are locally involved, and really seek to change peoples? opinions on how easy it is to eat healthy every day.

Juice It Up! is expanding nationwide, and is quickly becoming a well-known brand nationally, and they want you to be a part of it! Typically, a Juice It Up! franchise can be started for 150k to 375k. Find out more about the costs and criteria HERE.

To learn more about Juice It Up! and the juice bar opportunities available for you in your area, Contact us today.

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