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energy and focus

Smoothies & Bowls That Power You Through Life!

Sometimes we need a pick-me-up to power us through our fast-paced lives. Juice It Up! offers a variety of energy and focus-centric beverages and foods to help you in a tasty and healthy way.

Cold Brew Coffee

Add a classic favorite to your smoothie or bowl.


Try a serving for an excellent source of Vitamin B12 to aid in energy production.

Energy Boost

This boost provides ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, and B vitamins to ward off that mid-afternoon fatigue!

Green Veggies

Along with the usual goodness—green veggies provide an excellent source of B-vitamins to support energy production.

Vita Boost

Our vita boost provides energy promoting B-vitamin complex.


The little red root is an excellent source of folate, which helps to convert your carbohydrates into fuel.