About Us

Since our beginning, Juice It Up! has introduced handcrafted smoothies, raw juices and super fruit bowls to communities everywhere. We pride ourselves in creating only the best, real, freshly-made products to our discerning customers in order to enhance their overall wellness. At Juice It Up! we are truly passionate about healthier options. Whatever your passion, our experience and expertise in fresh ingredients will provide you with the perfect option to match your lifestyle. We consider ourselves true advocates of customized fruit and veggie smoothies, freshly-pressed juices and anti-oxidant rich Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) and Pitaya bowls. We made a promise to deliver only the finest quality and we have been doing just that for over 23 years!

Juice It Up! is more than a business, it’s a wellness-focused lifestyle brand. From our early beginnings in 1995 to our continued expansion into the marketplace, we have remained dedicated to providing high‐quality and great tasting smoothies, juices and bowls, while educating our customers on the benefits our innovative ingredients. We have a genuine interest in developing products that maximize the true benefits of each ingredient, with flavor combinations that our customers love. We work with local growers and distributors to select the finest quality of fruits and vegetables. Our Juice It Up! team members are educated and trained on the benefits of each ingredient and are certified to deliver our products into the hands of our customers. From raw material selection to delivery, offering whole nutrition through our main product offerings to creating that true positive customer experience, we are here to spread the passion to LIVE. LIFE. JUICED.

Our Action

Juice It Up! is a brand that believes in taking action in our communities. Over the years, we have partnered with local and national organizations including No Kid Hungry, American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, The American Heart Association, the Orange County Triathlon Series, and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We are deeply involved within our schools, education programs and athletic events that support our mission for healthy choices. Through our participation within these environments, we are able to promote healthy living and help our customers discover the benefits of our products. We recognize our responsibility to help make a change in peoples’ lives by providing fresher and healthier options to all ages. Our goal is to educate and encourage everyone to lead a healthful, active lifestyle.

Our Promise

At Juice It Up! we are the ambassadors of healthful living. From our handcrafted smoothies and bowls to our raw juice blends and the health‐conscience grab-n-go products, our promise remains the same: to remain dedicated to creating a healthier world for our families and our future. We will remain dedicated to our customers through transparency of all ingredients used, education on our delicious and nutritious product offerings and their associated health benefits. Above all, Juice It Up! will remain a leader in the marketplace by staying true to our roots and never losing sight of what our customers expect from our organization.

Our Future

In early 2018, Juice It Up! was acquired by private investment group, SJB Brands, LLC, with Chris Braun stepping in as CEO of Juice It Up! Chris and his investment partners, Ed St. Geme and Chris Britt, have vast experience in growing companies in a variety of industries and have several goals to expand Juice It Up! while increasing sales and average unit volumes. Under the leadership of Chris Braun, we are excited to reach the next level as industry leaders and continue our 23-year-old brand as one of THE leading smoothie, juice and bowl concepts in the industry!


Our mission to our guests

At Juice It Up! we are passionate about your overall health and wellness. Healthy minds, healthy bodies and a healthy spirit create the ultimate balance. We believe this starts at the root by feeding our bodies with good things. From our handcrafted real fruit smoothies, our fresh raw juice blends, to our customizable, nutrient-rich super fruit bowls that you can dig into, we offer whole nutrition for each and every individual at every stage of life. We encourage and promote all of our guests to LIVE LIFE JUICED!