What happened when we gave to No Kid Hungry? We were able to provide 132,150 MEALS to the hungry kids in our nation!

Through our No Kid Hungry holiday gift card campaign between November 27th, 2016 and January 16th, 2017, every $1 donated connected kids in need with 10 healthy meals. So Juice It Up can celebrate donating enough to provide 132,150 meals!

No Kid Hungry has a multi-pronged approach to connecting kids with the nutritious meals they need. Below are some of the many ways your donation will be put to work:

hungry kid eating food
  • expanding Summer Meals Sites across the country to fight hunger when school is out of session
  • providing technical assistance and support to schools so they can improve kids' access to breakfast
  • research and monitoring of our Center for Best Practices
  • national and state-level advocacy efforts fighting to put policies in place that improve kids' access to the food they need
  • teaching low-income families how to shop and cook nutritious food on a budget through our signature Cooking Matters program
  • grants to local organizations fighting hunger on the ground in communities across the country