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3. Steps to Own

Franchise Process

Simple Steps to Owning a Juice It Up!

Step One: Submit Juice it Up! Application

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We need to understand your goals and financial strength before starting a Juice It Up! franchise. We begin the process by having you confidentially complete and submit your franchise application. You can request a franchise application here. Complete the application and email or fax it to 949-475-0137. Move to Step Two. Wow! You are more than 10% there!

Step Two: Meet With Franchise Sales Department Representatives

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Once your application has been reviewed and approved, the Franchise Sales Department Sales Team at Juice it Up will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities and opportunities Juice it Up can offer you! At this time we will show you our training facility and walk you through the fully functional training store located in the corporate office.

Step Three: Receive the Juice It Up! Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

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In your initial meeting with the corporate sales team, you will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document, also referred to as the “FDD”. During the initial meeting you will receive an in-depth introduction to the Juice it Up! operation. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires any franchisor to present this document of information to you to review for a minimum of 14 calendar days. The FDD contains Juice it Up’s history, definitions, corporate financial statements, all of our various agreements and detailed information about our company. The information you receive in the FDD will help you analyze our franchise system and allow you to see if you would like to join this energetic team!

Step Four: Interview Existing Franchisees

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After careful review of the FDD, you may wish to interview some of our existing Juice it Up! franchisees to get their input on this franchise system.

Step Five: Follow-Up Meeting

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Fourteen calendar days after receipt of the FDD, the Franchise Sales Department will schedule a meeting with you. During this meeting, you should be prepared to discuss any issues you may not understand or which may concern you.

Step Six: Sign Franchise Agreement

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At this point you should have enough information to made an informed decision. Once you've been fully approved, you will sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the Franchise Fee of $25,000. Congratulations, you are now on your way to opening your own Juice it Up!

Step Seven: Orientation and Training

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Juice it Up! has an extensive Build Out process that allows you the opportunity to build your location out with direction. We will provide you with a list of architects and general contractors that you can utilize. There will also be an elaborate timeline and purchase order system presented to you with target dates to meet in order to get your store open in a timely manner. You will also go through an extensive training process with our Operations Team. You will start with a 1-Day Orientation, then spend a week at our corporate office and corporate store. The last portion of the training consists of a corporate approved trainer going to your location and being there with you and your staff during the first week of opening.

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Franchise ownership with Juice It Up! definitely embodies that fun and active lifestyle. Not only do we have the best tasting juices and smoothies on the market, we also have the best-looking smoothie stores. The color scheme, look and feel is better than the square, barn-looking layout our competitors use. Terry McCleary, Juice It Up!, Santa Clarita, CA