Hello, I'm Katie and I love life! I have a lot of different interests and I believe strongly in enjoying every moment of life and that all life is precious! There's so much beauty and good in this world; I want to experience it all!

I'm a busy woman - I work fulltime, I'm involved in the community, I'm married (to a wonderful man!), and have the world's cutest and sweetest Pup! We live in an older home so lots of our free time is spent working on home improvements. I have a huge passion for health, cooking, staying active and more recently, gardening. I just love being outside in my garden - getting exercise, enjoying the sun and nature, and experiencing the end result of having my own organically grown fruits and veggies! Every day in my garden is a new adventure - things are always growing and changing, and of course there are so many challenges involved too - it's incredibly rewarding!

I love staying active and for me, variety is the spark that keeps me going! I love gym classes like yoga, pilates, kickbox cardio, and I enjoy tennis, P90X, mountain biking, hiking, riding my beach cruiser, and of course anything having to do with the beach! Jogging I can do, as long as I have my husband there to cheer me on! :)

It's important for me to stay healthy so I can keep up with my busy lifestyle! I've always been a health-conscious person (thank you, Mom and Dad!) but recently I've taken it to the next level through drinking raw juice! Raw juices and smoothies are the best, most efficient and all-natural way to keep my body in peak performance! Raw juices pack SO many nutrients and minerals from veggies and fruits in their natural, uncooked form. It's a fast way to get so much health into my body and I love the vitality and energy I feel when I drink juice! I truly wish I had discovered the benefits of drinking raw, freshly juiced juice sooner!

I am passionate about encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle and experience all the goodness I am feeling! Living a healthy lifestyle is so incredibly rewarding, FUN, and life-giving, and it's not as difficult as it might seem! There are so many ways we can improve our lives and we all have the power to do so. Living healthy may not come naturally to all of us, and some equate the word "healthy" with "yuck!" but I am here to tell you that "health" and "YUM" and "WOW, I feel so GOOD!" go together! Whatever your reason - whatever your ailment - whatever your desire - you CAN feel better than you do right now. All it takes is the decision to make a change. Our minds are so much more powerful than we think - if we want to see change, and we decide to go for it, then we will! So the question is really the only thing standing between you and you feeling your best... Are you ready to make a change?